One Woman with a Creative Spirit

Creativity has always been rooted deep within me. I remember doodling, painting, and designing ever since I was a little girl. All through school I struggled with finding my niche. I explored different paths but was never truly satisfied until I received my first sewing machine.

From there I began creating things for my children and myself. Once I became more comfortable with my self taught sewing skills I began creating purses for family members, which then grew into a love of fabric. Once I fell in love with all the beautiful fabrics out there I let the fabrics help guide my creations, thus the creation of Julie Marie Shop (my parent store here on etsy

Julie Marie Shop is where I began creating and selling purses, aprons, and home decor, but over the past year it has been playing second fiddle to Julie Marie Kids. It was Halloween 2012 when i began testing my skills in the children's costume market. My true passion was discovered. I love creating products to allow children's creativity to run wild. Each costume is handmade and designed by me. As of right now I am the only seamstress, but with the occasional help of my wonderful husband. I take great pride in creating well made bold costumes and products for the little ones.

Over the next year I hope to expand my shop into kids parties along with costumes. I would like to introduce party decor such as fabric banners, table clothes and runners, and party favors. Join me on this journey and see where your creativity takes you.

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